Lawyer Testimonials


“Our firm has been very blessed with success.  In 2010, my Partner, Robert Eglet, and I received the largest verdict in the US for a single person (not a company). The verdict was $505 million.

One of the things that sets our law firm apart from so many of our opponents is that we implement the latest technology in our office and most importantly, in the Courtroom.  At our firm EVERY Attorney has an iPad, and one of the reasons for that is Mobile Transcripts.

Your Mobile Transcripts App, combined with the iAnnotate app, has made each of us much more efficient and allows us to manage and quickly retrieve information, evidence and testimony when we need it at hearings, deposition and trial.

At trial, I enjoy watching my opponent fumble through reams of (paper) deposition transcripts looking for a particular piece of testimony, when it only takes me seconds to locate the same testimony through Mobile Transcripts.  Simply put, we are much more competitive and beat our opponent to the punch by using your App.

As you may sense from my e-mail, I use your program every day.  In fact, it has revolutionized the way our firm processes information from depositions.  Our firm currently represents thousands of people in a product liability lawsuit against a large pharmaceutical company.  There are no less than 80 depositions each month on this case.   My Partners and I love the fact that within hours of the deposition it is: uploaded, read, highlighted, (a summary created by the highlights), and then the summary disseminated to various people (Attorneys and Paralegals) that need the information.

The Court Reporters at Litigation Services here in Las Vegas do a terrific job in uploading the transcripts immediately for us.  Your app has certainly boosted their business with our firm. Since downloaded and implementing your app, our firm has (pretty much) exclusively hired Litigation Services to record and transcribe our depositions.”

Robert M. Adams, Eglet Wall, Las Vegas, NV



“I am a commercial litigator that practices in the areas of property damage and securities law on behalf of the Plaintiff.  I have been using Mobile Transcript on my iPad for my law practice since the early part of 2012.  Mobile Transcript is an outstanding app that makes my job much easier.  When I go to a hearing or a deposition, I have all of the depositions taken in the case right at my fingertips.  The app is intuitive, well laid-out and easy to use.  In addition to that, the customer service is outstanding.  I could not be happier.”

Frank T. Aiello, Shea, Aiello, Doxsie & Petz, PLLC



“Bollinger Connolly Krause, LLC, is a young, progressive Chicago law firm.  We utilize technology in everything we do, including trial.  Mobile Transcript is an up and coming aid and resource to us.  We look forward to being able to input depos and records ourselves and new uses for this App of the likes of Trial Pad.

Michael D. Krause, Bollinger Connolly Krause, LLC, Chicago, IL