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In 2010, Mobile Transcript was the first company to launch iPhone and iPad apps so lawyers could access transcripts and create automated deposition summaries from their mobile devices.  Not only did this new service foster a stronger collaboration between lawyers and reporters, but it also quickly gave an edge to those reporters willing to introduce new technology to all of the iPad users they began seeing in their depositions.  By the spring of 2013, we expanded our online repository services for freelance reporters, reporting agencies, lawyers and law firms. In January of 2014, we launched a complete line of Web services — from custom-built Web sites for court reporters, with online scheduling and free Web hosting, to SEO packages that we’ll manage for you from start to finish, helping you to increase your bookings and grow your clientele as quickly as possible. Stay tuned for the launch of more high-tech products and services for our clients in the legal field, and as well as more upgrades and expanded features to our Mobile Transcript service!

Reporter Repository

Reporters can now upload transcripts, exhibits and other legal documents in PDF, such as letters, notices, correction sheets and client invoices, and later access these files online at any time. Log in to upload, download or email files to your clients straight from the repository in seconds. Enjoy your freedom yet continue to access the files you need 365 days a year!

Client Repository

Reporters can quickly and easily create free repository accounts for their clients and upload transcripts, exhibits and other legal documents, all neatly organized for their review. Your clients can now enjoy 24/7 online access to these files from a computer or using our free iPhone or iPad app. Your clients can even log into their account directly from your website!

Mobile Transcript™ Files

Create Mobile Transcript files for your clients by uploading an ASCII file. Mobile Transcript files are interactive and optimized for the iPhone and iPad, allowing your client to annotate transcripts, instantly create deposition summaries, and export those summaries to legal assistants, associates and expert witnesses.

Dynamic Search Tables

Find your files quickly and easily with our Dynamic Search Tables. Our repository allows both the reporter and lawyer to quickly location files using this popular feature! Enter one or more letters of either the transcript title, date reported or case name to instantly see your matches within the repository.

Email Transcript Bundles

Send transcript bundles, regardless of size, to any lawyer with one secure download link. Lawyers will receive polished, professional-looking emails from your office, displaying your company logo or images from your website, containing one link to download multiple files. No need to continue to pay other service providers to send your large files.

Web Services

We'll soon be building beautiful, high-end websites for Mobile Transcript account holders for only $299. Your site will be optimized for tablets and mobile devices, include online scheduling, the online repository, and free monthly hosting. Our team can also run SEO campaigns for you as a way to increase your bookings, starting as low as $100 monthly.